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Monogram Projection
Add a unique and personal touch to your day!

Your wedding says a lot about you: your taste and your style.  This is the one special event that is all about you two as a couple!  Every newlywed wants their guests to be wowed… and trust us, your guests will be speechless once the ballroom doors open.  It’s no longer just a ballroom… it’s literally like stepping into another world. Affinity Event Lighting is your custom gobo wedding monogram and event specialist.

The possibilities are endless!  Choose from a variety of templates, or create your own design. Affinity Event Lighting works with you to help create your custom wedding monogram that will add a touch of elegance and class that will separate your wedding from others. 

You can have your names, initials, and even custom patterns displayed on your dance floor or any wall of your event venue! 
Plus, you get to keep your monogram stencil as a keepsake!